Senin, 09 September 2013

The Outdoor Recreation party was formed

The two major anti-gun groups in recent years have been the Coalition for Gun Control, and Gunsafe NZ. Neither is still active, but were led by activist Philip Alpers and Mike Meyrick, a former police officer and lawyer.[13]

Alpers now works for the University of Sydney, promoting anti-gun policies across the Tasman.
Political parties

The main parties, Labour and National, generally treat gun control as a bi-partisan issue. Both support the passage of the Arms Amendment (No. 3) Bill[citation needed].

The ACT[citation needed] and Libertarianz parties advocate the ownership of guns for self-defence.[14]

The Outdoor Recreation party was formed in 2001 to support hunting and sport fishing. It failed to gain any seats in 2002, and again in 2005, when, with the United Future party, it contested the election.

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